Smart City Security

Our goal is to drive the development of collaborative strategies and policies that will lead to the growth of a safe, secure and resilient future.  Anquan creates platforms for policy makers and thought leaders to discuss the security, defence, resilience and sustainability of future urban infrastructures.

Cyber Security and The Great Game

Anquan has re-imagined The Great Game for senior executives in the cyber era and provides them with intelligible, non-technical information on cyber attacks and demonstrate why they are the most significant threats to their business at this time and how they should prepare for them.

Business Advisory

Anquan provides specialist business development and advisory services to UK and international companies wishing to enter the UK defence and security market. By working with our extended network of associates and contacts, we are able to provide partnership, market entry and government procurement assistance across a broad range of sectors.


Clear communication, information transfer and market awareness are key to operating in the complex defence and security space. Anquan has designed iHub,  a unique media platform and service that distils and presents critical news and information to its clients and partners.  Launching online in 2017.