Lt. Col Jeff Tremaine

After graduating from the Royal Military College of Science, Jeff spent the early part of his career as a Communications and Electronics Engineer in the Royal Air Force. Some highlights included two tours with the Tactical Communications Wing, a stint as British Chief J6 for Air Operations Iraq, an Exchange tour with the USAF’s Air Combat Command and conducting the Board of Inquiry for the loss of the Skynet 4B spacecraft.

In 2005, Jeff moved to Microsoft UK working exclusively with secure government customers; he is currently Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Defence and Security and is responsible for leading Digital Transformation. Jeff has been an active Army Reservist with the Royal Signals for 7 years.

He has served with the LAND Information Assurance Group, part of the Joint CEMA Group, and is currently SO1 Mission Assurance with 254 (SGIS) Signal Squadron, part of 15 Signal Regiment. Jeff is a long-standing Chartered Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Networks and an MBA from Heriot-Watt University.