Capt. Andy Settle

Andy has over thirty years of experience working with information technology in every size of organisation. He has the skills and breadth of knowledge needed to design, deploy, assure and operate secure information systems. With his strong background in security, networks and systems architecture and a passion for professional software engineering he has the end-to-end process knowledge enabling him to step into all stages within the life cycle of most information systems.

As a technical subject matter expert, he has delivered training to civilian and military organisations on secure software development, vulnerability assessments, web application vulnerabilities, data & application security exploitation and penetration testing. He has been an intrusion detection analyst for NATO and the UK MoD and has headed up both security incident responses and the secure decommissioning of sensitive systems.

Andy is an active member of the CPNI Security Researchers Information Exchange (SRIE) and has been an assessor for both the BCS CESG IAP Scheme and the UK Cyber Security Challenge.”