Cyber Attack Survival Training

Immersive simulation training for Senior Executives

Using simulated, live cyber attacks we provide senior executives with a clear understanding of how to survive one of the most significant threats to their businesses and trading partners

“A typical ‘severe’ cyber security breach represents a permanent cost of 1.8% of company value… for a typical FTSE 100 firm this equates to a permanent loss of market capitalisation of £120 million”

CGI, April 2017

Cyber Attack Survival Training (CAST)

There is a critical lack of awareness at senior executive level of how to respond to a cyber attack. CAST is a bespoke wargaming platform that addresses this, exploiting immersive educational, exercise and simulation techniques.  The training is delivered by a unique team of subject matter experts from across government and the commercial sector.

CAST is aimed at executives in non-technical roles who have responsibility for ensuring the stability, profitability and continued operation of their businesses in the face of a cyber attack.  It provides an immersive training environment where executives can hone their response skills, prepare for new cyber threats and shocks, explore unknown areas of vulnerability and train to survive in the new age of information warfare.

Cyber immersion

CAST immerses executives in realistic and relevant scenarios for them to discover how their responses to a cyber attack can affect the outcomes for their  businesses

Board level briefings

CAST provides senior executives with intelligible, non-technical information on cyber attacks and demonstrate why they are the most significant threats to their business at this time

Cyber attack tactics

Like any organisation, you could be the target of a cyber attack.  But are you the intended victim?  Our immersive wargames explore how you could unknowingly help an attacker exploit a weakness in one of your trading partners

Cyber legacy

The impact of cyber attacks continues to be widely misunderstood leaving enterprises unprepared for the immediate and longer term consequences

CAST Objectives

Emergency plans

Ensure your company has the correct emergency plans and procedures


Train your executive team to handle and respond effectively to a significant cyber breach


Highlight where your company might be fragile and provide solutions

Critical roles

Identify critical roles and the best team to deploy when faced with a cyber attack


Provide critical communications and reputation management training


Understand the real nature of threats and how best to mitigate them

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