Securing the Future

in a connected world
Bringing strategic insight and advice to complex security, technology and policy challenges
At Anquan we believe there is a better way.  Our goal is to drive the development of strategies, policies and programmes that will lead to a secure and resilient future. We constantly innovate to deliver solutions that inspire our clients and our teams.   We build on the foundations of interactivity, discretion and exclusivity.

Cyber Response Training

Anquan’s unique wargame format, CAST, immerses senior executive teams in a simulated cyber attack where they can:

  • Hone their crisis management skills
  • Practice how to respond to external stakeholders, their employees, the press and the public
  • Learn how to leverage the support and resources of specialist government and third party agencies
  • Consider how prepared they are for a real world cyber attack on their organisation including their GDPR obligations